Utilizing Local Presence to Boost Your Outbound Sales

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on January, 14 2020 8:29 pm

When your phone rings, how likely are you to pick up if the number you see is an unfamiliar one? If you’re like most people, that likelihood is low - but it is much higher if that unknown number starts with a local area code. Whatever your logic - it could be a doctor, your child’s school, or a distant relative! - most people tend to be more receptive to numbers that are based out of their own area.

As a salesperson, debt collector, or other employee of an outbound call center, you may wish you could harness that familiarity for your own needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a call center in all of the area codes where your consumers or clients were located? With the simple magic of local presence dialing, you can seem to do exactly that - all while running a single center!

What is Local Presence Dialing?

Local presence dialing is a program that allows agents in any call center, in nearly any location, to contact consumers or clients with an area code that is local to that call receiver. That process is automatic; representatives don’t have to do any additional work to ensure that the system functions properly. They simply input the contact number and dial as they normally would, but with local presence dialing enabled, the prospect or consumer sees a number with a local area code instead of the actual area code that the agent is calling from.

Why does this matter? Because studies have shown that people are up to 400% more likely to pick up the phone if they recognize the area code being used. That can mean a lot more phone calls accepted and a lot more outbound sales!

Why Do Some Worry About the Effectiveness of Local Presence Dialing?

There is often hesitation when team members suggest adopting local presence programs to call center managers. But why? What could possibly be wrong with wanting a guaranteed way to get in good with your prospects before they even pick up the phone - and to make them more likely to do so?

The problem lies in misconceptions and misunderstandings created by so-called “ultra-local presence” dialing. This type of dialing matches not just the area code, but the next three or even more numbers from the prospects own phone number. This makes it even more likely that a person will answer their phone, since the number is so similar - at least, in theory.

However, consumers have rebelled against this type of dialing. Many find it to be frustrating and even label it as dishonest. One reason may be that this type of dialing is often used by those with more nefarious motivations - users like fraudulent collection agencies and other scammers. With a reputation like that, it’s no wonder so many people are mistakenly wary of local presence dialing!

Thankfully, these two types of dialing are different. They also yield different results. While ultra-local presence dialing is becoming something that many consumers are wise to and wary of, local presence continues to help soothe consumer anxiety and convince more people to pick up their phones, boosting outbound sales and helping professionals like you make more connections.

Can Local Presence Boost Your Outbound Sales?

You’ve heard repeatedly that using local presence dialing will boost your outbound sales - but will it really? The answer is as simple as understanding the sales cycle and your first phone call’s role in it.

Before your agent can land a sale, they must first contact a prospect. You equip your agents with every tool imaginable to help them do this, from dialers that speed their work to scripts that help them know exactly what to say once a call is answered. However, one major component is missing from this equation - and it’s the most important factor!

Between that automatically dialed call and that theoretical use of your agent’s script is the most important deciding factor on whether or not your sales cycle will proceed. That all-important factor is the prospect’s choice of whether or not to answer their phone. If they do, then you can proceed with the use of scripts and the many other training elements you have equipped your agents with to close the sale. If not? You’re back to square one with the next person on your list.

In this way, local presence absolutely does boost outbound sales. When you’re successfully getting through to more consumers, you are making more connections. Those connections may have the exact same odds as ever to turn into sales, but when you’re getting more people to pick up the phone, the actual number of sales you’re making is bound to raise along with it.

Used alone, there is no way for local presence to make much of a difference in your sales figures. However, when taken along with all of the other resources you outfit your operation with, the technology has the potential to greatly increase your sales volume - something your center and others like it are always looking to do.

Want to witness the change local numbers can make in your hit rates firsthand? Add local presence dialing to your list of tools used by agents today to begin seeing just how much of a difference this program can make for your facility. When you’re ready to realize all the benefits of using local presence dialing to boost outbound sales, give the industry experts at ChaseData a call. We have the tools and technology you need to make dialing locally a snap - and give your consumers the peace of mind that comes from a familiar area code in their caller ID. Give us a call today - from any area code - to let us know how we can help you!

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