Upgrading Your Inbound Call Center Software

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on February, 6 2020 8:29 pm

Does your inbound call center software need an overhaul?

It can be easy to get into a rut with your software. If something has been working for you for the past few years, why change it? The truth is, a new decade is upon us and with it will come advances in technology that your center should be at the forefront of.

If you don’t want your competitors to leave you behind in 2019, it’s time to take a fresh look at today’s best inbound call center software. You won’t know what you’re missing until you see what’s available - and today’s call center software providers are creating amazing new technology!

Features to Look for in Inbound Call Center Software

It can be tricky to decide what kind of software to upgrade to when you’re looking for something new. Your budget will always be a factor; more fully-featured software will cost more. However, investing in more features can mean cost savings over time as your agents are better prepared to serve consumers.

Creating the ideal inbound call center software begins at the first point of contact - the moment when a consumer dials your number. Making the entire calling process easier and more intuitive for them will create a better experience - and foster consumer loyalty from the start.

Here are a list of features to look for in new software from the start of each call to the end:

  • Solid ACD. ACD - or automatic call distribution - should be among your top priorities when revamping your inbound call center software. Regardless of the number of calls your center typically sees in a day, directing them appropriately will help your team manage the load. With a reliable automatic call distribution feature, the rest of your call center software suite can better handle tasks like skills-based routing, collecting and utilization of consumer data, and more. Always start your search by looking for a dependable ACD.
  • Skills-based routing for smarter agent and consumer matches. When your consumers contact your center, they want answers to questions and solutions to problems. Deliver on those desires by matching them correctly with agents who are best-prepared to serve them. Whether it’s directing consumers with more complicated queries to more experienced agents or handing off simpler, quicker questions to newer agents in training, skills-based routing will keep things moving in your center - and keep your consumers satisfied.
  • More comprehensive IVR. Many contact centers use IVR - interactive voice response - technology to help consumers direct themselves to the right agents or to solve their own problems. Unfortunately,m a large percentage of those companies use an outdated IVR system that could be doing more harm than good. If your IVR system is confusing and ineffective, it’s definitely time of a system upgrade - and time to find a software solution that features rich IVR features.
  • Improved queuing experience. Nobody likes waiting in a queue. Unfortunately, even the best software systems and more efficient contact centers experience wait times. The best thing to do is provide your callers with a better wait. Look for software the provides useful information, call-back feature prompts, and other pleasant distractions from the average music-backed hold.
  • Voicemail features. What happens when your consumers contact your center after hours? If yours is a contact center that does not operate around the clock, you need a fully-featured voicemail system. They should be able to easily reach the voicemail inbox of whichever agent or department they are looking for and be correctly prompted to leave the right information to be contacted when agents return to their desks.
  • Easy metrics management built into your system. The amount of data that your agents manage on a daily basis is astounding. Help them manage it - and put it to better use - by choosing a software suite that includes metric management built-in. Make large data sets easy to break down and analyze and even the smallest details easy to access. Your team will thank you - and your consumers will love how quickly and efficiently they are served as a result.
  • Historical reporting. Making data-driven decisions is part of being a successful call center manager. To do this, your management team needs access to accurate and comprehensive historical data. From evaluating agent performance to determining overall center success and customer satisfaction, every piece of necessary information should be easily available to managers when they need it. Look for a system that includes this access as part of its design.
When to Upgrade Your Software

Not sure if your inbound call center software needs an upgrade? There are a few telltale signs that can tip you off if you’re still unsure. Just remember - if you don’t know when the last time you refreshed your tech was, it’s probably time to consider an update!

Some signs that it might be time to do so include:

  • Callers are getting lost in your IVR system. Self-service isn’t very effective if your consumers are struggling with an outdated system.
  • Consumers or clients are waiting in seemingly-endless queues. Wait times are the enemy of a successful call center.
  • Your agents and departments lack direct phone lines. Giving a consumer a direct line to call instead of making them navigate an IVR system can yield greater customer satisfaction.
  • Your agents have to manually collect and report information. Your call center should be able to compile and utilize metrics in a meaningful way. If that information is not easy to access or difficult to use, it’s useless - and so is your current software suite.

For everything you need to upgrade your inbound call center software and get your center up to speed for the new decade ahead, contact the industry experts at ChaseData. We have the software solutions you need to stay current and speed ahead of your competitors. Give us a call today to learn more!

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