Quality Assurance Best Practices - 10 Tips That Never Expire

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on November, 4 2019 8:29 pm

Looking for quality assurance tips to make your call center the best it can be? Look no further than these ten tips, based on the thoughts and experiences of call center industry leaders:

Know Which Metrics You Value

A great starting point for great quality assurance efforts is understanding the metrics that matter most to your contact center. This is a question to which the answer will vary from facility to facility, so meet with your management team members to determine what you value most in terms of measuring success. This will help you set goals moving forward - and meet them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Benchmark

It is said that comparison is the thief of joy. However, when you are in a competitive field like the world of providing customer service and support, it is important to know where your competition stands - and where you stand among them. Benchmarking allows you to do this, so don’t be afraid of this important quality assurance tool!

Make Goals and Incentives Clear

Your employees are always going to be their happiest, most motivated, and most productive when they are working toward a goal or have an incentive in mind. Providing them with great ones is easy - ensuring they understand what is available to them is often less so.

Demonstrate goals clearly from the start. Show off incentives to your teams so that they can see what is available to achieve. When agents can see these things, they can visualize working toward them - and are more likely to do so.

Secure Consumer Feedback

Consumers are the bread and butter of your company. Without them and their dollars, you would have no one to serve and nothing to gain from your service. It is important to know how they feel about your current level of service and what improvements they might like to see made as part of your quality assurance efforts.

There are endless ways to glean consumer feedback, but focus your efforts on those that yield the highest return for your agency. Make fun, engaging surveys or enjoyable and interactive exchanges that reward consumers for participating. In no time at all, you will have the data you need to ensure long-lasting high quality in your center - and your consumers will be happier with your brand as a result!

Hire Smarter for Quality Assurance Later

All good things begin at the hiring table. When you’re thinking about adding new professionals to your team, always think ahead to how they will contribute to the overall environment at your center and the customer experience your consumers and clients enjoy. For the purposes of quality assurance, starting at the beginning this way gives you a leg up on the process of making adjustments and improvements later.

Polish Your Scripts

Are the scripts that your agents use when interacting with consumers and clients stiff, cold, and outdated? If so, don’t be too hard on yourself; this is a common issue in the contact center world.

It is also a preventable one, though. Creating better scripts is an almost surefire way to improve your consumer’s experiences with your brand and boost your customer satisfaction ratings.

Focus not only on creating better, more natural-sounding scripts, but also on teaching agents how to thrive when going “off-book” from these scripts. The best agents are those that don’t need their scripts anymore, but this doesn’t mean that scripts aren’t important to your team’s success. Give them the tools they need to succeed and help them grow the talent they need to fill in the gaps. You will be surprised at what grows from that combination!

Train Like a (Soon-to-Be) Champion

Your agents cannot become top performers in their field without training. Even the best agents got to where they are with practice, experience built over time, and study of the industry and company policy.

If you want to create better agents and enhance overall quality across the board in your company, training is one of the best and simplest ways to do so. All agents undergo training at the start of their careers, but making it a regular part of their routine will help build and reinforce concepts that ensure quality will continue. Look for opportunities to work training into daily and weekly routines. Soon, you’ll have a team of champions!

Make a Man(ager) Out of a Great Employee

Do you have an agent or two that are stellar performer,s great team leaders, and always setting examples of exemplary performance and adherence to company policy? Promote them! Make these assets into the managers they were meant to be by choosing one or several top-performing agents to head up a newly-appointed department of quality assurance, or simply put them in charge of current teams.

Employ a Recording Solution

While it might not seem like an important investment to newer call centers, the value of a good recording solution for your facility is almost immeasurable. Few pieces of technology or software are as important to quality assurance as this. Providing your agents the ability to record calls with consumers and review those calls later for self-critique or to allow management team members to review calls as a way to pinpoint agent strengths and weaknesses is a tool that can be used to help staff members at every level improve continuously.

Pick the Right Software

Of course, all of your efforts toward the goal of quality assurance would be wasted without the right technology in your corner. Choosing the best software will help your agents do their job properly day after day - and deliver an excellent customer experience to your consumers.

The right software will be a choice that differs depending on the needs of your facility. However, finding that software solution is simple, once you know those needs. Whether you’re looking for dialers to streamline the process of connecting with leads or recording solutions to make giving agents feedback a swift and simple exchange, you can find it all through ChaseData. We have everything you need to outfit your operation for success. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you with quality assurance, from day one to the rest of your company’s days and beyond!

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