How to Handle Call Center Rebranding Properly

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on February, 26 2020 8:29 pm

It’s never easy to completely overhaul the way your company presents itself. Whether you’ve been in business only a few months or for many years, you have all of that time and the memories of your previous iterations working against you. Even when rebranding is for the best, it can be a difficult task, prompting many companies to wait until it’s simply unavoidable.

Your contact center doesn’t have to be one of those businesses. Call center rebranding doesn’t have to be something you put off and avoid until you can’t avoid it any longer - but it will be, if you don’t give it the kind of attention it needs now. Here’s your guide to a seamless transition this year - and to making call center rebranding a simple task in 2020:

Understand the Major Changes That Will Be Made

When you are going through a call center rebranding, there will be more changes than just a few pieces of company stationary and an email header. This may sound obvious, but one of the biggest hurdles many companies find themselves facing during a rebranding is making all of these changes when they were not fully prepared for the scope of them.

Begin by taking inventory of everything that will need to be changed. This includes everything from graphics being replaced in future iterations of physical and digital items, as well as any place where company titles and tag lines will need to be changed. You may choose to make these changes gradually - the way popular pharmacy Rite-Aid is phasing into Walgreens, as the latter company has bought them out - or you may choose a date and make all changes at once. For the latter, be sure to plan ahead accordingly. One large switch date may feel more official, but it can also be problematic in the sheer scope of what has to be altered and getting it all done in one fell swoop.

Create a New Focus During Call Center Rebranding

When you’re looking to rebrand, one of the best things you can do is create a new image for your company from the inside out. This helps your customers to accept the transition on a number of levels. Not only will they understand the need for growth and change on an outward level, they will see that you are prioritizing social change, as well.

One great approach to this is the embracing of diversity in the workplace. Once a high ideal, this is now a very important aspect of real-world success. With an ever-diversifying population in the Untied States and other major players in the contact center and customer service field, it’s important to bring this diversity into your company’s walls and make it part of your customer service approach.

Make the hiring process part of your call center rebranding. Advertise your desire to add a more diverse team to your workplace. Search for new employees who will help you meet this need. Embrace this new image as part of your company’s own, and become more of a part of the communities you serve, rather than just an employer within them.

That is part of the function of rebranding a call center or any other business, ideally. Becoming a part of your community has numerous benefits. It creates a sense of ownership in employees that cannot otherwise exist. If something belongs to someone in some sense, they are more likely to be responsible for helping it flourish. If you want the communities in which you employ your workforce to support you this way, look for ways to be involved in outreach and diversify your team. You’ll enjoy the benefits of community involvement and membership as part of your call center rebranding - and continue to enjoy them long after.

Remember to Maintain Your Most Important Focus, Too

One of the biggest things that successful companies do during a rebrand is double down on their most important core concepts. Why? Because this not only helps to maintain a recognizable trait that carries the company into a its new era, but it also reminds consumers why they originally trusted the brand to begin with.

Think of a hotel or a retail company that has a reputation for excellent customer service, This is a trait they undoubtedly will want to carry into their new image and identity. Doing so will not only ensure consistency as the brand transitions, it will also help ease employees, consumers, and everyone else involved with your brand into its new iteration. Giving everyone involved some common ground to stand on between the past and the present will make this transition easier in every respect - and top-notch customer service is a great place to start.

Ultimately, it is important to ask yourself why your company is rebranding. Is there something wrong with your current iteration? Have you outgrown your image, your ideals, or your ability to serve consumers properly? Or are you just looking for a new way to present yourself to your audience?

Also be sure to test rebranding changes if they will be significant. Focus groups offer you a sneak peak at how larger populations will receive the changes you plan to make, so utilize them before committing to anything. This way you can see how your rebrand will play out before you take it on - and project your way into success.

Ready to go full-steam ahead with your plans for call center rebranding? Don’t make another move before you get in touch with the industry experts at ChaseData. Our expert team will help you make sense of rebranding for your company’s size and scope and give you guidance on the kind of tools and technology you need to make it as seamless and simple as possible. Give us a call today to learn more!

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