How Remote Call Center Agents Weather-Proof Your Contact Center

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on December, 4 2019 8:29 pm

For many parts of the world, November and December mean that winter is on the horizon. For those same regions, winter weather can mean anything from cold, biting wind and rain to mountains of snow.

If your contact center is like most businesses, you wonder and worry about what this approaching inclement weather might bring in terms of employee absences. What will happen if the bulk of your employees can’t make it to work one day? It isn’t good for business - or even possible - for your center to close on these days. Consumers will still be calling and expecting top-quality experiences and service when they do.

Thankfully, today’s call centers don’t need to rely on on-premise staff alone. An increasing number of savvy centers are hiring remote call center agents and enjoying big benefits of employing this flexible staffing option.

Here’s more of what you need to know about weather-proofing your center and staff with remote call center agents this season:

Outsmart Winter Weather

When winter comes to call in your region, you won’t have to worry about its impact on your workforce when you employ remote call center agents. That’s because these agents don’t have a commute - they don’t have to navigate icy roads or drive through falling snow to make it to work. Remote agents can work from home, hotels, or wherever they may be when winter storms arrive.

This is beneficial for both your center and your agents. Your center benefits from the employment of remote agents by always having someone to work - even when the weather would otherwise prevent it. Your agents benefit from this arrangement by remaining comfortable and safe during even the worst of winter weather. Plus, not getting out into the cold, wet weather can decrease the instance of illness and injury, which would also otherwise create attendance problems. As you can see, few people on your staff don’t benefit from the use of remote call center agents!

Widen Your Talent Pool, Too

Working with remote agents also widens the are from which you can draw your center’s talent. This may not sound like a big deal, but it allows for everything from a more diverse workforce to agents who speak multiple languages. This means more consumers that you can serve and better service for all of them.

Likewise, a larger geographical area from which you can hire mean more time zones during which your employees can work - and more availability, even at the oddest of hours. This is especially beneficial during the winter and associated holiday season, since you may experience a major swell in incoming calls if you are a customer service center.

Scaling Made Simple

During the winter, many contact centers experience wild fluctuations in their need for call center agents. This means that some days - like during the bustling holiday shopping season and directly afterward - your center might need a lot more agents to field calls. On other days, you may receive virtually no calls as business dies down. How do you meet these varying needs?

The answer is employing remote call center agents. Doing so can offer you the ability to scale your workforce on a moment’s notice. This means you won’t have to worry about hiring new staff - but you will have as many agents on the phone lines as you need at any given time.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Another big benefit of working with remote agents is that they can boost and maintain the level of both productivity and efficiency in your center. When the weather gets rough, you may worry about a dip in productivity as agents call off. With remote agents who are highly trained and working on the same software that you use in-house, you don’t have to worry about a less productive, less efficient, or less profitable center. You can maintain the same level of superior service your callers are used to - and keep hitting those metric goals every day.

Improved Customer Service and Experience

When your consumers and clients reach out to your center, they expect someone to answer. They expect top-quality service and experiences every time they call, no matter the weather or season. How can you offer them that when your employees can’t even make it to work?

Working with remote agents offers a weather-proof workforce that can meet consumer needs every day, no matter what Mother Nature has up her sleeve. With agents who work from home, you have someone available to answer calls and provide excellent experiences to consumers at any time - and with the same level of service that your agents are trained to offer on-site.

Decreased Agent Turnover

When your agents can enjoy working from home and creating their own schedules, they are much more likely to remain with your company long-term. Not every business can offer employees the opportunity to work remotely, so doing so is a major advantage for your company. Remote call center agents are more likely to remain loyal to your company and less likely to leave their positions. This means you keep all of their skills and experience, year after year - a big win for your business!

How Can You Implement Remote Call Center Agents in Your Workforce?

So, how can you bring the benefits of remote call center agents to your business? By implementing better workforce management and smarter hiring - plus choosing the best remote agent software on the market.

If you’re looking for the technology your facility needs to employ more remote call center agents, get in touch with the industry experts at ChaseData. A leader in call center software of all kinds, ChaseData offers some of the best remote call center agent software available - and all of the industry experience and expertise you need to help you implement it. For more information and to get started diversifying your staffing approach, give us a call today!

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