Fresh Approaches for Landing Outbound Sales

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on February, 3 2020 8:29 pm

For outbound contact centers, obtaining more sales is a constant struggle. Even if you have a consistent flow of leads coming in, transforming those leads into actual sales can be difficult. It isn’t impossible, though - you just need to give your approach a facelift to ensure your agents are always putting your business’s best face forward!

Why Do You Need to Go After Outbound Sales?

The obvious answer to “why do you need outbound sales” is to keep your business afloat, right? Well, there are a lot more reasons to put your effort into landing these sales than just meeting the basic requirements of your industry.

Perhaps the most important reason to pursue more outbound sales via telemarketing campaigns is the simple fact that leads can’t do it all for you. After all, leads are simply an indication of potential interest; your center cannot rely on them exclusively to produce sales. Too many newer, less experienced companies do this, only to end up failing within their first year.

Whether your contact center is a standalone business or one that operates in partnership with another company, it is critical to use a solid outbound calling strategy to secure more sales. Just a few of the most important reasons for doing so include:

  • The creation of reliable revenue. Revenue generated through indirect contact - such as SEO lead generation - is not always reliable. To improve the rate at which your business is making money and how often you’re seeing those profits, turn to an outbound calling strategy for drumming up sales.
  • A direct approach that requires little wait time for results. Many of the most common forms of marketing for outbound sales take days, weeks, or even months to see results. Whether you opt for search engine optimization or paid-per-click advertising, it takes time for the leads that these methods generate to find their way to your site and make positive purchasing decisions. When you want to replace those methods with something that will bring quick, dependable results - or supplement the methods you’re already using - creating an outbound sales strategy that involves contacting consumers directly is the perfect solution.
  • The securing of larger, more profitable accounts. Waiting on leads to find you has several drawbacks. Among them is the fact that most of these leads will be of lesser quality or accounts of smaller sizes than you might find through direct contact. Reaching out to larger accounts and more lucrative clients means that your company has a higher chance of securing these accounts. After all, the worst they could do is say no!
  • Domination of your industry or niche. Want to really own the industry you’re part of? Solidify your outbound sales strategy. Nothing is a better bet when it comes to improving your business than investing time and money in what makes it function - in this case, making more calls and landing more sales!
  • Automation makes it easier. What is the best thing about all of these big benefits to enhancing your outbound sales strategy? All of it can be streamlined and simplified through the use of today’s best call center technology. That means that you can sit back and watch these perks rack up while your agents are doing more work with less effort - a winning scenario for everyone!

How Do You Amp Up Your Outbound Sales?

Now that you know why outbound sales are so important, it’s time to create a plan for dialing up the number that your agents are landing.

Some tips for designing a successful strategy for securing outbound sales include:

  • Determining who you’re marketing to. Who is your target audience? This is something you have to know before you can successfully market to that demographic. Only by segmenting your audience and isolating the share of the market you intend to target can you optimize your approach to meet their needs.
  • Market to the movers and shakers. To take the prior point further, you should save your marketing efforts for those in your industry or field who are actually making the decisions with money. This ensures more direct contact and higher chances of landing those larger accounts you’re hoping for.
  • Understand the importance of personalization to the modern customer. These days, consumers at every level want to be catered to. This includes even your largest corporate clients. They want to feel like you have their or their business’s best interests in mind and that you value them individually. To do this, use language in your emails or calls that tailors each exchange to the consumer or client. That personalization can go a long way toward securing sales!
  • Nail it with your copy, script, and training. Words matter - especially in this industry. When you’re building your email copy, scripting your calls, or training your agents, be sure that every word that is used is geared toward a personalized, professional encounter with clients.

Adapting Your Sales Strategy to the Era of the TCPA

Can outbound sales still be landed in the post-Telephone Consumer Protection Act world of today? Absolutely. The trick is understanding what the law says about marketing and making calls and how to make that work for your outbound sales strategy.

Remember that the TCPA outlines the legal and illegal use of automated dialers as a way to contact many consumers or clients at once - not the way you market or contact potential buyers. Even if your center is using a power, progressive, or preview dialer, you should be well within the limits of the TCPA as long as you are being clear, direct, and upfront with your consumers. Be honest; let your pitch speak for itself. Your consumers will value your direct approach - and your business will see higher sales figures as a result.

If you’re looking for the tools and technology that will take your center’s outbound sales to the next level, talk to the industry experts at ChaseData. We have the software solutions your agents need to improve their sales rates. Give us a call today to learn more!

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