Does Enhancing Call Center AI Mean Sacrificing Jobs?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on December, 30 2019 8:29 pm

It seems that everywhere you look these days, artificial intelligence is enhancing the way we go about our everyday lives. Our phones and tablets talk back to us, and devices in our homes help us do everything from remembering to turn out the lights to starting the oven for dinner or adjusting the shower’s water temperature. It is a truly technology-driven world!

However, many people worry that this influx of AI will lead to the replacement of humans in many of our most fundamental jobs and tasks. In few places is this more of a concern in automation-heavy industries like customer service and sales. Call center employees are increasingly surrounded by artificial intelligence applications at work.

Is there a reason to fear that call center AI will eventually replace human employees? Will jobs be lost because of this technology? Here’s what you need to know about the integration of today’s call center AI in your facility - and how it will impact your human staff.

What Does Call Center AI Entail?

When most people hear the term “artificial intelligence”, they think of futuristic technology that all but replaces human labor. This isn’t the reality of call center AI, though. In fact, you might be surprised to know how many of your center’s everyday tasks can be handled by AI - and what can’t.

Some of the jobs that a good artificial intelligence solution can take off the hands of your agents include:

  • Data collection
  • Data transfer, cataloging, and other management tasks
  • Routing for incoming calls
  • Performance monitoring
  • Answering simple questions and addressing straightforward concerns
  • Anticipating consumer needs
  • Providing self-service options

It is important to note that not every task can be handled by AI. There are limitations to the abilities of this technology. Understanding that can help you answer critics who wonder if they might lose their jobs due to the integration of AI technology.

Are Concerns About AI Replacing Humans Valid?

There have been concerns from those - both in and outside the industry - that artificial intelligence may eventually replace humans in the call center setting. Because of this, there are many call center owners and operators who hesitate to implement this technology in their centers.

The truth is, call center AI will never be able to fully replicate and replace the work done by human agents. Technology is an important part of the modern center, but artificial intelligence is not capable of compassion and forming real relationships with consumers and clients. These are both important parts of being a successful agent - and things that no program can recreate.

In the end, there are no real worries about agents being replaced by technology. While the integration of good technology - including call center AI - into daily operations can lessen the need for man-hours, agents are always going to be a vital part of the workings of any center. The key to continuing to grow and prosper as a contact center in the modern world is finding and striking a balance between the use of technology and the performance of real, human agents.

Making Better Use of Call Center AI in Your Facility

How can you ensure your team is making the most of your call center AI? Begin by understanding the capabilities and limitations of your programs. What can your technology do? What is beyond its ability when it comes to customer service? When you take away the human component, you may find that many tasks are not possible for your programs - and that is okay! The key to success is using human talent, knowledge, and intuition alongside the tools that technology provides.

One of the biggest benefits of artificial intelligence is the ability to quickly and effectively serve consumers who have simple requests or concerns. These consumers may make up a large percentage of your caller base; having the right tools to direct them to agents who can help them and assisting agents in doing so is a valuable service of call center AI.

This includes self-service. Your artificial intelligence should be equipped to offer consumers options so that they can adequately serve themselves when needed. Many of today’s callers prefer being able to find their own solutions - something that a good call center can provide them with the opportunity to do.

Another important task that call center AI can help with is collecting consumer data. How many times have you called a company yourself, only to be asked the same question multiple times or be passed from agent to agent with the same need to explain your scenario to each one? Whether you have been on the side of the consumer or only been an agent having to ask the same questions over and over again to every caller, you know just how maddening this can be!

Luckily, there are solutions - and artificial intelligence offers plenty of them. One of the best ways to shorten handling times and make life easier for agents and callers alike is by allowing artificial intelligence to collect consumer data. In many cases, this collected information can then be offered to the agent before the connection with the caller is even made, allowing them to be prepared to provide great service.

Likewise, that information can also be forwarded to the next agent or team member if a transfer has to happen. This prevents callers from having to repeat themselves over and over or agents from having to waste time on simple questions when they could be addressing more important matters. In those ways, artificial intelligence in the call center is a smart addition to everyday operations.

When you’re ready to embrace everything that call center AI has to offer, contact the industry experts at ChaseData. We have the software and solutions your team needs to empower and support your human employees - all without sacrificing jobs. Give us a call today to learn more!

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