Using Call Center Software to Deliver Personalized Voicemail Messages

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on March, 25 2020 8:29 pm

Call centers are all at the center of a global pandemic outbreak right now, and are more than likely experiencing higher call volume at the very moment that governments are mandating social distancing and other measures. In a worst case scenario, you may be ordered to close physical call center operations in the interest of combating COVID-19’s spread.

It is more crucial than ever that you and your team stay on top of your calls, and that will likely mean relying on call center software capable of operating remotely. Solution such as ChaseData’s CCaaS delivers uninterrupted call center operations by empower call center managers to make one of the most consequential decisions that they face today. The decision to shut down physical operations but allowing agents, supervisors and managers to work from home.

The more the number of COVID-19 cases grows across the world, the more organizations and businesses are taking crucial steps to make sure that their people and business are protected by encouraging people to simply work home. If your current call systems do not support remote workers then this is not an option. If they are promising to “work on accommodating” remote work then you are losing valuable time and money. More and more states, counties and cities are issuing daily emergency that may negatively impacting your call center if you do not have a remote worker solution.

Get ready for more calls than ever right now coming into your call center as more of your customers find themselves at home and most likely out of work. It’s important to have a thorough plan in place for your call center to handle this higher call volume. As scary as this global pandemic is for many people, especially those dealing with the health and economic impacts, it is more essential than ever that your call center is working efficiently to help answer questions and calm concerns.

How to deliver personalized voicemails with call center software

Is your call center prepared to handle higher call volumes in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak? Pandemics like COVID-19 can be scary for everyone, but it is more important than ever that you are handling the call volume coming through, answering people’s questions and concerns and taking steps to reassure them in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Use this guide to help you deliver personalized voicemail messages to your customers and users.

ChaseData CCaaS’ exclusive speech synthesized voicemail drops to create highly personalized voicemail messages by combining various data sources at your disposal with our implementation of Google’s AI instructed Natural Speech Synthesis engine. Creating messages personalized by name, location, age and any other field in any database in a snap. The resulting messages are automatically delivered into millions of voicemail boxes by a very, very human voice.

  • FIRST: Implement ChaseData call center software and expand your communications options. If you don’t already have call center software, start using ChaseData CCaaS so that your agents can offer customers and users up-to-date accurate information using proven channels, including web sites, social media, email blasts, self-service IVR and on-hold messages, as well as exclusive technologies like ChaseData’s automated AI speech synthesis for voicemail drops. These communications will help your agents keep customers and people in the loop as COVID-19 updates unfold by the day, by the hour or up to the minute.
  • Start using personalized voicemail messages and reduce inbound call volume. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, using personalized voicemail messages will help you lower your call volume quickly. This frees your call center agents to give up-to-date accurate information to callers who require live call conversations. ChaseData’s government clients are providing critical public school closure, regulatory news, public health updates and accurate COVID-19 related information quickly.
  • Make more personal call backs by freeing up more agents. Virtually every call center has some outbound call volume regardless of the business mission. When ChaseData’s software connects to a voicemail box during an automated outbound call attempt, our system leaves a natural voice personalized message. This is done with zero interaction by an agent. Agents are only connected to “live” answers and the call center enjoys an appreciable boost in connect rates.

Schedule a call with a ChaseData specialist to discuss how your business or organization can use their call center software to deliver personalized voicemail messages to customers and users during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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