The Bevy of Benefits in Offering Call-Back Service

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on July, 2 2019 7:29 pm

When it comes to calling a contact center, one of the top complaints most consumers have is the wait time. Even in larger contact centers in which there are plenty of staff members to handle large call volumes, wait times can be inevitable. Once they get too long, many callers will become frustrated - or even hang up.

How can you prevent this from happening in your contact center? How can you improve consumer satisfaction and create a better experience without hiring dozens or even hundreds more agents to handle extra calls that may or may not always be coming in? For forward-thinking contact centers, the answer may be as simple as employing a call back service.

What is a Call Back Service?

If you’ve ever been stuck on a phone line waiting for what seems like forever, you may have wished for the option to have the contact center call you back at a better time. That isn’t just a dream - that’s a very real convenience that many call centers are offering to their consumers to help them feel more in control of their wait times.

With a call back service, you give your callers the choice to be contacted when an agent is ready to talk right away, rather than waiting for the next available person. This not only frees your caller up to handle other tasks in the meantime, but it also saves them the frustration of waiting and wondering how long that wait will last. It’s an easy way to keep them from getting upset - and keep your wait times manageable.

Many More Benefits

Of course, there are many other reasons to integrate a call back service into your contact center’s operations than simply cutting wait times shorter and keeping customers from getting irritable. Many business owners have no idea just how beneficial these services are until they put them to work in their own facilities. Here are just a few of the advantages of working with these services for your team - some of which you might not have expected!

Keeping Costs Low

Did you know that employing a call back service can actually save you money? It’s true! Even though there is a fee for these services for the business owner, the cost per use is typically far lower than the costs that would be incurred in potential revenue being lost to extended wait times without their use. In this way, giving your callers the options to receive a call back will allow you to take and make more of those calls and make more money-making connections every day!

Boosting Workplace Morale

As much as your callers don’t like waiting to talk to an agent, your agents really don’t like hearing from frustrated caller after frustrated caller. Give them a better work experience and boost overall company morale by employing a call back option that takes the pressure off your staff. This will allow them to approach every consumer with a calm, focused mentality and without the rushed, apologetic energy of an overworked and overwhelmed staffer.

Keeping Volume Spurts Under Control

There’s nothing better for business - or harder to manage for your staff and management - than a sudden and unexpected boost in call volume. Thankfully, adding the option of a call back service to your contact center’s offerings can help you manage increased call volumes.

It has been shown that people don’t mind waiting a little bit longer for a call back from the company they are contacting if it means less time on hold. So, when heavy call volumes kick in during peak hours or seasons, employ your call back option to your advantage and let your consumers wait in comfort for the next available agent.

Reducing Call Abandonment

Too many times, frustrated customers forced to wait too long for an answer during extended wait times simply hang up before a connection is ever made. This is known as call abandonment, and high rates of this phenomenon in your contact center can be very bad for business.

Reducing call abandonment is a priority for modern call centers, so much so that new technology is constantly being introduced to make connections faster and service better in order to please consumers and hopefully keep them on the line longer. However, one of the best ways to do this is to provide the option to receive a call back rather than waiting long enough to become frustrated in the first place. If your consumer never gets irritated, they’ll never abandon the call - and your center will never suffer the consequences.

Improving Customer Experience

As with most things related to your contact center, adding a call back service is ultimately about improving customer experience for your callers. Everything you do should be geared toward making their calls as pleasant and productive as possible - so, why not make those calls work in their favor and on their schedule? With a call back service, you can do exactly that.

Perhaps a caller doesn’t have all morning to wait for their question to be answered because they also have a job or a family to tend to. By giving them the option to schedule or opt for a call back, you give them the freedom to go about their business and receive great customer service on their terms rather than yours - something they are sure to value and to remember positively when reflecting on their experience with your company.

If you’re interested in incorporating a call back service into your contact center’s daily operations, contact the industry experts at ChaseData today. We can help you understand the best ways to integrate this technology into your practice and how to make the most of it so that that your customers always have the best possible experience.

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