6 Unexpected Ways to Enhance Customer Experience

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on October, 7 2019 7:29 pm

Looking to improve customer experience in your contact center? Here are six suggestions you might not have considered yet:

Visualize Your Own Ideal Customer Experience

One unique way that some of the world’s best-performing customer service agencies are creating great customer experiences is by first mapping out what they believe those experiences would be. While that sounds simple, it’s a collaborative effort that requires the input of multiple team members - and the ability to process that information and create a vision for the average consumer’s ideal experience.

Before an agency can provide the best possible customer experience, they must first decide what that entails. This comes from interviewing or polling numerous employees, collecting their opinions on what their own ideal customer experience would be, as well as information previously collected from consumers who have shared their opinions.

Taken together, this data can be used to form a projection of the ideal customer experience. This projection is like a goal - a benchmark your company can work toward at all times. With adjustments made frequently and allowances made for timely and cultural differences, these projections can also be helpful to other agencies in creating their own roadmaps to success in providing customers with great service.

Forge Bonds with Your Customers

Your consumers mean more to you than just numbers on a page. Unfortunately, that is how many customers feel that they are treated by the service representatives they connect with. This kind of treatment or perceived lack of individual care can lead consumers to take their business elsewhere - or at least leave very low net promoter scores or consumer feedback in their wake.

Today’s consumers want more than just customer service. They want an experience. From the marketing of products to their purchase and use, through the process of customer service and support if needed, they expect to be given an experience worth recounting to others. If you aren’t providing them with that, your competitors will!

This is why your service representatives need to forge genuine bonds with the consumers you serve. Be personable. Connect with them. Empathize with them. Be as genuine as possible and let them know that while assisting them is your agent’s job, it is also their pleasure. Train your agents to provide this kind of “service with a smile” until it becomes second nature. Before long, yours will become the contact center that people don’t mind calling!

Help Your Customers By Letting Them Help Themselves

Just as today’s contact centers must gear their efforts toward consumers who want experiential treatment, so too should they focus on providing options for those who want as little human contact as possible. Sound like a strange combination? It might, to someone who isn’t familiar with the modern customer. But while today’s callers want to have a pleasant customer experience, that doesn’t always involve long-winded discussions with a live service representative.

For some people - especially younger callers - the worst aspect of calling a contact center is having to be on the line for a long time with a complete stranger. Our society has become less reliant on phone conversations, making them a source of anxiety for many. Because of this, many people prefer self-service options, such as push-button or voice command menus. Other people simply don’t have time to talk to a live agent.

Whatever your consumers’ reasons are for wanting to avoid conversation, cater to them by providing more self-service options. It can benefit your business by providing help for consumers without labor costs; after all, a self-service menu doesn’t have to be paid for its time. Likewise, it benefits your consumers by offering them the option of getting the help they need while avoiding a live exchange if they don’t want one. For many people, that is the ideal customer experience.

Target Your Tech

You can’t provide a great customer experience without the right tools and technology. At ChaseData, we offer the industry’s leading software solutions to help businesses like yours offer the kind of service that leads to top-notch customer experiences. From shorter wait times to more self-service options and better skills-based routing, there is nothing your contact center needs that we can’t outfit your operation with. Contact us today to learn more about the technology we offer to help you meet your customer experience goals!

Think Outside the Box About Where and How You Engage Your Consumers

Where do you do the most interacting with your consumers? For most contact centers, the answer is across the phone lines. However, today’s best customer service agencies have found that the best way to stay engaged and provide customer service that reaches a modern audience is to branch out in the methods they offer for reaching their customer service representatives.

Social media is one of the most popular options today. The majority of consumers have some kind of social media account, with most of these using popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter. This is why so many businesses have customer service branches that serve consumers via these platforms. It’s a way of meeting people where they already are. While locating the correct website and navigating it can be tricky for some consumers, using an already-familiar social media platform to reach a customer service agency is a great way to get the assistance they need - and have a better customer experience as a result.

Make Engagement Rewarding

Want to encourage consumers to use alternative channels for customer service, such as social media, instant messaging, text, or chat features? Reward your customers for engaging through these channels. Make it easier, faster, and more fun for consumers to contact you through these platforms. Before long, they will become the most popular methods for your consumers to reach you, making it easier to provide excellent customer experiences through the multifaceted approach these platforms offer.

If you’re ready to learn more about giving your consumers an excellent customer experience, contact the industry experts at ChaseData today!

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