How Does ChaseData CCaaS Deliver Management Performance While Working from Home?

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on August, 12 2020 8:29 pm

Most businesses with a large number of employees are experiencing a shift in their workforce to a work-from-home model. This is largely due to the complications brought on by health and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are plenty of other reasons why your call center or customer service department may be moving toward a remote work model.

As people from more rural or remote areas take up jobs in customer service or sales, there is a growing need for a solution to working from home. Likewise, more people who might have previously not been able to work in office settings, those with children at home or disabilities, for example, are entering these jobs and need a solution that enables them to do so. There are so many reasons why today’s workforce is changing, but what do those changes mean for call center managers?

The Changing Needs of the WFH Workforce

We know that more people are working from home now, but what does that shift mean for businesses who employ them?

New technology is needed that simplifies the everyday processes these businesses use. The technology needs to be adaptable, easy to work with and most importantly cloud-based. This will allow it to be accessed from anywhere, during training, daily operations and special occasions. What kind of technology meets these criteria? Consider CCaaS as the solution to problems many modern businesses don’t even realize they have.

What is ChaseData CCaaS Technology?

ChaseData has always been a leader in the software innovations space that make operating call centers and providing customer service more manageable. That continues with ChaseData CCaaS cloud software. Our (Call Center as a Service) CCaaS solutions give you the flexibility to purchase only what your company needs in terms of technology, while maintaining the quality of service your clients and consumers are accustomed to.

One major concern that we hear from many of our clients is that they no longer have the overhead budget to afford an on-site customer support department or that they are looking to downsize their in-person operation and are considering moving away from live customer service as a result. The truth is, there’s no reason to sacrifice quality customer service and support just because you’re watching your budget! With the right software solutions, you and your customers can have it all!

Call Center as a Service - or CCaaS - solutions offer a way to keep your customer service or sales department entirely in the cloud. There are some really big benefits for your business in moving into the cloud. Some of these include:

  • Reducing IT overhead expenses - When your IT department doesn’t have a constant need for a physical presence, you can drastically reduce spending on their wages and your overhead by giving them the chance to work remotely and as needed.
  • Make changes when you need to, over and over again - Of course, the ability to scale and adapt your operations as needed is perhaps the biggest benefit of working from the cloud. Available from anywhere, your data and processes can be expanded or trimmed with the changing needs of your clientele, and it’s as easy as any other workday!
  • Decreasing downtime - There are numerous reasons why your center may experience downtime, but nearly all of them are eliminated or reduced in severity when choosing cloud-based software.
  • Increasing productivity during transition periods - Just as you can decrease downtime by choosing cloud-based solutions, you can also increase your center’s ability to continue functioning efficiently during all manner of change and transition, including a move of staff from in-person to online and off-site.

CCaaS technology offers reduced upfront costs and continuing investment while expanding customer service capabilities. It’s the win-win situation that many companies are looking for, whether they have their own, dedicated customer service department or their entire business operates as a service and support solution.

How Does ChaseData CCaaS Technology Meet Changing Industry Needs?

Now that you understand how the modern workforce, and your company’s place in it, is changing, let’s talk about how those needs are perfectly met by ChaseData CCaaS technology.

The movement from in-person staff to increasingly remote operations means a change in management approach, as well. This is where CCaaS solutions come in handy. They allow your management team to work with data wherever and whenever it may be needed, and make meaningful connections with employees with the same ease.

Say you have new hires who need to be trained. What once may have taken place over the course of days in an in-person or office setting can now be conducted primarily online and all remotely. Cloud-based technology makes this possible, as all materials and platforms necessary for these training can be accessed from anywhere and control of these programs and the use of them can be firmly held by management team members, even from across the country or globe.

Cloud-based systems also make day-to-day operations easier to remotely manage for your call center managers. These programs can offer the chance to collaborate with team members across the distances and live monitoring of their everyday tasks. This is incredibly important in today’s corporate environment, where offices are increasingly a concept, rather than a single place. To ensure that your company is continuing to provide the level of service that you base your mission and standards upon, it is imperative to have the right technology at your disposal and management team members who are extensively trained in how best to utilize it.

Are you preparing to transition to a primarily work-from-home workforce or setting up new remote call centers to meet changing consumer needs? Are you taking your customer service department on the road by making it a remote work department to reduce IT costs and overhead? Or are you simply adapting to a changing world like so many other companies? Regardless of which of these moves your company is making in 2020 and beyond, ChaseData CCaaS solutions can help you make them the right way. Contact us today to learn more about everything we offer to make your center’s transition a smooth and productive one and keep your clients and consumers happy along the way!

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