Eco-Friendly: How to Create a Green Call Center

February, 24 2020 3:29 pm

“Going green” is something more and more businesses are prioritizing in the modern day. With the climate crisis on the forefront of the public’s minds, it only makes sense that so many companies hoping to stay in that public’s favor are doing their part to help get emissions and pollution output to a minimum.

Fast food companies, for example, are pitching in by eliminating packaging on products where possible, trying to endear themselves to millennial and Gen Z consumers who are concerned about the overuse of single-use plastics. These measures are working; companies who were in on the green trends saw significantly positive user feedback in the last two years.

But can your call center be one of those businesses? Is there a way to have a financially stable green call center? Here is what you need to know about making your contact center more eco-friendly without losing profitability and productivity:

Why You Need to Be a Green Call Center in 2020

There are so many reasons to go green beyond simply saving face, but that’s a good place to start. Yes, you should be making strides toward environmental sustainability purely because it’s the right thing to do, but what business does anything without thinking about the potential benefits? For your company, staying in a positive light in the public eye is a big benefit. But there are plenty more!

Going green can make you more popular with consumers. As mentioned, consumers are on the hunt for businesses to partner with that they feel are making a positive impact on the climate crisis, rather than a negative one. This can be as simple as making changes to the way you power your facilities or how you handle files, through digital means to save paper on mailing. All of this can be shared with consumers to give them more reasons to trust your company over competitors.

Becoming a green call center also stands to save you money in the long run. While an initial investment might be necessary, you stand to save significant money in energy costs and other expenses over time when you choose technology and techniques that are more in-line with green procedures. This doesn’t just save the earth - it saves your bottom line, too!

Another, less advertised benefit of going green is that you tap into a great talent pool by recruiting quality employees who are concerned about their impact on the earth. These young people are often more focused, more driven, and more determined to make a positive difference. As such, they are great additions to any professional team - and surely a great asset to yours. Tap into the best of the millennial and Gen Z demographic by going green and advertising it to potential employees.

Unexpected Advantages

Sometimes, going green can have unexpected yet welcome results. One example are the small companies who manufacture plastic alternatives, such as compostable straws and single-use cutlery. These items were designed with the earth in mind and never for mass appeal. However, changing public attitudes toward plastics and pollution have thrust these companies into the spotlight, giving them traction with the general public they likely never imagined they would have.

This is something your center could harness and use to its advantage. Perhaps becoming a green call center won’t have an immediate change on your bottom line, but it can have lasting, reverberating effects that could set you up for a financially sustainable future, too.

How? By investing in green technology and approaches now, you stand to endear yourself to generations of future consumers and also create practices that put you at the forefront of your competition in terms of positive public regard. While that may not sound appealing now, by the time many of the new laws promised to combat the climate crisis go into effect - within the next two years in some cases - your company will already be ready to meet those changing requirements.

How Can You Become a Green Call Center?

So, now you see the multitude of benefits to going green - but how does that work in the call center? This is an industry without much room for green initiatives, or so people think. There are actually plenty of ways to capitalize on the green trend while feeling great about the positive difference your company is making in the world and in your community.

Reducing paper use and energy use in your center is a big step forward. Think about supplementing your current, fossil-fuel dependent energy use with greener approaches for now, while tapering over to a completely green energy plan in the next few years.

Not something you think your center can handle? Consider focusing on your paper consumption, instead. Many centers that are involved in accounts receivable or even marketing use tons of paper annually to contact consumers. Make the switch to purely digital communications to save trees and save face with the public - and to annoy consumers a lot less!

Once you have these initiatives in place, talk to your consumers about them. Remind them that they won’t receive a paper bill, because you’re reducing paper use. Tell them that they may experience short periods of unavailability in your center, as you transition to a greener energy grid. Let any shortcomings become strengths as you shine a light on your efforts to be a green call center.

Likewise, get involved in third-party efforts. Contribute to charities and ask consumers to partner with you in doing so. Let them know what you’re doing. Become a visible presence at events with green causes. This will foster more positive public regard and a stronger sense of brand loyalty in consumers - and is often as simple as showing up with branded materials.

Going green is easier than you think. Ready to make your call center eco-friendly without losing profits or productivity? Contact the industry leaders at ChaseData. We have the tools and technology you need to create a truly green call center in 2020 and beyond. Give us a call today to learn more!

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