ChaseData SUPERCHARGES COVID-19 Telephone Contact Tracing

Posted by Ahmed Macklai on August, 3 2020 8:29 pm

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, companies from numerous industries have taken on new responsibilities. Much in the way that many companies put their resources and workforce toward new causes during major wars in the past, today’s efforts by everything from car companies to clothing manufacturers to meet worldwide virus-fighting needs are geared toward the common good.

If you are managing a call center or business process outsourcing operation, you can be part of this effort as well. Of course, you won’t be asked to manufacturer face masks or ventilators, but there is still something very important that your company may be able to do to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. You may be asked to participate in telephone contact tracing, a very important measure being taken toward public health.

What is Telephone Contact Tracing?

The idea of telephone contact tracing is one that has been hotly debated and discussed in the mainstream media in recent months. While some people fear that it may be a potential invasion of privacy, most realize that it is an important measure toward reducing the spread of the virus. Knowing what it actually is and how it works is a key step toward improving public perception of the process.

Why is telephone contact tracing being used? Because once a person has been determined to be carrying the COVID-19 virus, every other person they have been in contact with in recent days is potentially at risk of carrying the virus as well. Even if these people and those they come in contact with are not symptomatic, they can still carry and transfer the virus to others who could become very ill, require life support services or die as a result.

Contact tracing allows public health to quickly determine where a person has been during a given period and, therefore, who they have been in contact with. Doing so allows potentially exposed members of the community to be alerted. An example might be a community alert released to advise those who shopped at a local store on a certain date to see their doctors, as they could have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of the virus. Instead of having to contact the person diagnosed with COVID-19 and ask them to recall every person they have been in contact with during the previous week, telephone contact tracing is a fast and effective way to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

How Can Your Call center Help?

Call centers are in a prime situation to offer assistance during the contact tracing effort. Large staff rosters along with employees’ ability to work with today’s most efficient technology make these facilities an ideal place for contract tracing efforts to be based, and government and health agencies are taking notice.

Many call centers are actually popping up as a direct response to the need for contact tracing, including facilities that are based entirely in work-from-home remote employment. Business looking for ways to expand and continue to fund their operations during a time when many industries are shuttering need look no further than offering their services for contact tracing. It’s a reliable way to offer ongoing employment to agents and provide a necessary service, a real win-win situation!

Is Telephone Contact Tracing a Smart Move for Your Business?

Whether your facility is long-established since well before the pandemic or you are just considering expanding with the increased need for consumer service and support, participating in contact tracing may be a great way to keep the lights on during the pandemic that has turned them out for so many other businesses. But is it right for your current staff and setup?

For most call centers, the answer is yes. Your staff is already tech-savvy and used to working with large amounts of data, both of which are requirements for this kind of work. Nearly 200,000 contact tracers will be needed in the United States alone, which makes this a field that will demand plenty of new faces, and your old and new staff alike may be the perfect fit.

In some centers, managers are unfortunately being forced to lay off staff members as a result of COVID-19 and its aftermath. Thankfully, contact tracing gives you a way to continue to offer employment to those who you might otherwise have to let go with new positions and vitally important, in-demand work. And the best part? You can do it all quickly and effectively with some of the same technology you’re already using.

ChaseData has been an industry leader in customer service for companies in both the public and private sectors for over 23 years. ChaseData CCaaS is also fully HIPAA HITECH, PCI DSS and SOC2 compliant making it 100% ready for telephone contact tracing. Our software can help you supercharge your efforts, even if those efforts include brand new tasks, like telephone contact tracing. If you’re already using ChaseData software, shifting to the task of contact tracing may be the easiest change your center ever makes!

Making your call center staff and resources available to help with the contact tracing effort is one way your business can both be of service to your fellow citizens and keep business booming during a shaky economic period. If you are interested in taking part, contact the industry experts at ChaseData. We have everything your operation needs to offer the best possible consumer and client services, regardless of whether you’re just fielding questions or actually participating in telephone contact tracing efforts on-site. We can even help you be part of the effort while working remotely! Give us a call today to learn more!

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