Are You Better Off With Low-Cost Call Center Technology?

February, 11 2020 3:29 pm

Investing in new technology can be intimidating. With many companies feeling budget constraints harder than ever, making the choice to pay more for technology can be a difficult one. These companies often feel that their best option is to choose low-cost call center technology.

Are you really better served with less expensive software solutions? Can you do as much to serve your consumers and clients - and build your business - with these budget-friendly options? Is there such a thing as “too cheap” when it comes to your call center software solutions?

Here, we will examine the difference between low-cost call center technology and affordable, fully-featured solutions that can truly benefit your business.

What Makes Low-Cost Cell Center Technology Appealing?

The appeal of low-cost call center technology is obvious. For businesses that are looking for ways to cut costs and keep their profit margins as wide as possible, it can be very tempting to choosing budget-friendly software and technology. This is why there is such a large market for lower-priced software, freeware, open-source technology, and more.

What Makes Low-Cost Call Center Technology Risky?

The problem with many lower-cost or free options is that they aren’t of the quality that a legitimate business needs to operate properly. In the truest sense of the phrase, you get what you pay for - which often isn’t much.

This may not be a problem for some smaller businesses or those who handle less-complicated consumer concerns. However, those who have more complex needs should look for more fully-featured software solutions and technology - even if it means paying a little more for them.

When Is It Okay to Choose Cheaper Technology?

When is choosing a less expensive software option acceptable? Not only can smaller companies with fewer consumers or less complicated tasks safely get away with these budget-friendly options, but so can those who operate independently, such as remote call center agents. What’s more, there are many affordable software and technology options that provide a more robust experience without breaking the budget - and those are always a good choice, regardless of your company’s size.

Can Top-Quality Technology Be Affordable?

With so many warnings against paying less for your software solutions, are there low-cost call center technology solutions that are fit for larger businesses?

That all depends on where you source your technology from. Many of today’s best software designers work tirelessly to bring down prices for businesses while bringing quality levels up. The problem for many businesses is the difficulty that their managers may have in telling these affordable options apart from cut-rate bargain software or freeware that simply won’t provide the features they need.

The first step in finding the software your business needs is making note of your current needs or company weaknesses. Meeting your current needs should be your top priority. Make lists of what your consumers or clients need from your company and how you plan to meet those needs. Then, you can work toward finding technology that bridges the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be in the coming months.

Next, comparison shop. This is practical advice when it comes to anything your company is investing in; you always want to get the best deal for your investment dollar. It is especially prudent when you are comparing systems that could carry your company into a successful future - or set you back while your competitors soar ahead. If you want to be among those who are growing and expanding in the coming year, directly compare your available software options and look for a balance of affordability and features you need.

You will find that many of the best available options on the market today - while not free - are much more affordable than you might have believed. Keep your budget in mind, but be open to trying new software that could potentially improve your business’s operations. You might find it worth investing more than you originally intended!

Why Invest in Better Call Center Software?

Why should you think about stretching your budget just a little to get better, more fully-featured call center software? The answers will quickly make themselves evident in the way your agents perform and the success your center enjoys:

  • More productive agents. The easier your software makes it for your agents to do their jobs, the better they can do it - and the more time and cost-efficient they will become in doing so.
  • Happier agents. What happens when your agents don’t struggle to handle their daily tasks? They’re happier in their jobs and less likely to leave them out of the frustration and burnout that is so common in the call center industry. This decreases agent turnover and saves your center valuable time and money that would be spent in hiring and training new agents. It also makes your center a better place to work for everyone!
  • More satisfied consumers. Better service results from better agent performance. Better service means happier, more satisfied customers. Starting to see the positive pattern here?
  • Bigger profit margins over time. This last benefit may take a while to show itself, but you will eventually realize bigger profit margins through greater business success. This is why it may ultimately be in your business’s favor to invest in better, more fully-featured call center software. It may cost more upfront, but it is likely to yield better results in the long-term - and make you more money.

When you’re ready to invest in better - and more affordable - call center technology, talk to the industry experts at ChaseData. We have the software solutions that can help you improve every aspect of your company’s everyday operations, all at prices that won’t wreck your annual budget. Give us a call today to learn more!

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